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Humbug: Elf – A Sack of Superficial Spirit

Read My Lips: Not X-Rated! 1995’s Evil Ed Tackles Punk, Censorship, and Politics

Pretty Parts, Ugly Wholes: Sex, Loneliness and Incel Panic in May

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From Points In Case:

Thank You For Your Support, From President of the Galaxy Elon Musk

r/Relationships: I Suspect My GF Steals Monuments

The Most Heartwarming Stories In Late Capitalism This Week

Twitter’s New Color-Coded Guide to Trending Celebrities

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From Cracked: 

5 Unexpected Ways the 1990s Were Different From Today

5 Universal Experiences That Are Different In Other Cultures

From Film Daily:

Quiet Places: Nine More Movies With Little or No Dialogue


From Misery Tourism:

“Red Mass” 

“The Ballad of Billy and Dan”

From SCAB: 

“In Retrospect”