What Lannister Supporters Have To Say About Queen Cersei

Queen Cersei Lannister’s history-making coronation is a day away, but the party is already in full swing!  We took to the streets of King’s Landing to ask some of Queen Cersei’s biggest supporters their thoughts on the Seven Kingdoms’ controversial new monarch.


Lydya, 38, midwife


Like most?  “Her integrity.  Her independent wealth means she can’t be bought off by corrupt elites!”

Like least?  “As a midwife, I believe that babies are precious.  I was really offended when she ordered all those babies to be slaughtered.”


Danyell, 51, rat catcher


Like most?   “She’s the only one willing to stand up to the Braavosi manipulating our currency and holding our economy hostage.  I trust her to do what’s right for the Seven Kingdoms.”

Like least?  “She’s sometimes acts without thinking things through.”


Alimane, 17, weaver’s apprentice



Like most? “Her tenacity and perseverance is a source of pride to women everywhere.  The fact that she can go from being paraded naked through the streets by her enemies to the first ruling queen of the Seven Kingdoms…it’s just really inspiring.”

Like least?  “I wish she would tone herself down a little bit.”


Rickard, 46, gravedigger


Like most?  “Her honesty.  She doesn’t put up with any BS.”

Like least?  “I understand it had to be done, but my faith is very important to me, and blowing up the Sept of Baelor kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. I hope she picks other ways of eliminating the kingdom’s enemies in the future.”


Helga, 40, alewife


Like most?  “She promises a return to the traditional values that made the Seven Kingdoms great.”

Like least?  “She can be a little flamboyant sometimes.”


Beatriss, 27, fruitseller



Like most?  “She’s not part of the political establishment.  No one thought a woman would ever run the country.  She brings an outsider’s perspective to King’s Landing.”

Like least?  (no response)


Alton, 60, alabasterer


Like most? “She’s a badass!  She can cut through the gridlock and dysfunction in King’s Landing and get things done.”

Like least? “Her relationship with her brother doesn’t quite match up with my values.”


Sam, 48, halberdier



Like most?  “She’s the only one with a plan to stop the Targaryen threat.  She’ll make our military strong again and defeat all our enemies.”

Like least?  “I’m a little afraid of her experiments with zombie super-soldiers.  I don’t want to lose my job to a zombie.”


Vyrgynya, 22, whore


Like most?  “Her stance on immigration! The whoring industry is in ruins because of Pentoshi and Meereenese whores coming here illegally and taking our jobs. I say Build Another Wall!”

Like least? “She needs to act a little less erratically.  She’s running the country now, she needs to show people she can be counted on.”


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