Some Little Things That Bother Me Much More Than They Should

–Recumbent bicycles.  Being a cyclist has always come at a price: a malformed back and crushed testicles (where applicable).  You’re cheating and everyone knows it, poseur pussy.  If you can’t hack it, take up power-walking. -When people pronounce “Italian” with a long “I”.  Yeah, I love eye-talian food, but only when it’s authentic, the way […]

What Punching A Nazi Accomplishes

It was 13 days ago that avowed white supremacist Richard Spencer got love tapped while giving a fawning interview out on the street during *ugggggh* President Trump’s inauguration, which is practically last year in Internet time. My apologies for the lateness of my , but I needed to make sure my thoughts were in order before weighing in.

Winter: Your Life in Hard Mode

Do you feel that?  The soft, needly brush of the winter chill on your cheek?  Do you know what that is?  That’s fate, bearing down on you with a hammer and a black-toothed grin.  That sting you feel is an omen, telling you that every day for the next several months will be a punishing […]