Some Little Things That Bother Me Much More Than They Should

–Recumbent bicycles.  Being a cyclist has always come at a price: a malformed back and crushed testicles (where applicable).  You’re cheating and everyone knows it, poseur pussy.  If you can’t hack it, take up power-walking. -When people pronounce “Italian” with a long “I”.  Yeah, I love eye-talian food, but only when it’s authentic, the way […]

Winter: Your Life in Hard Mode

Do you feel that?  The soft, needly brush of the winter chill on your cheek?  Do you know what that is?  That’s fate, bearing down on you with a hammer and a black-toothed grin.  That sting you feel is an omen, telling you that every day for the next several months will be a punishing […]

Review: Mustard Gas and Roses, Becoming

Mustard Gas and Roses has finally come into its own after years as a side project for guitarist Michael Gallagher during his tenure in the seminal, now-defunct post-metal group Isis. I initially wanted to review MGR’s new record, Becoming, completely without reference to Isis at all. For some reason I had convinced myself that making […]

Unpopular Westworld Fan Theories

 Dr. Ford’s secret new narrative is a lavish musical with dozens of songs and massive dance numbers. He’s keeping it a secret because the hosts’ “jazz hands” code still needs tweaking.  The reason Maeve is able to enlist the aid of Sylvester and Felix is because they are both very, very stupid. The prize at […]